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Philadelphia, PA

Cyndi Parker is a self-described global nomad fascinated with the human need to be rooted in a narrative and in a social and physical place. Cyndi teaches in churches around the world, writes curriculum about engaging place, and creates and leads educational tours to Israel. 


Testimonials and Endorsements for Cyndi Parker, Ph.D.

“We heartily encourage anyone (and everyone) to take a tour with Cyndi Parker. To take a walk with Cyndi through the land of the Bible challenges you to experience your surroundings with all of your senses. You can tell that she loves history and the land on which it was staged. Her sense of place is tangible and she literally brings it to life with her creative energy. Come prepared to learn, to experience, and to be refreshed!”

- Jon and Patti Reichard, CEO A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
2018 Food and Wine Tour

"Dr. Parker was one of two keynote speakers at the conference, A Dwelling Place: Scripture, Place and the Parish, held at Christ Church, Oxford in September 2015. She spoke with a compelling combination of academic rigour, clarity and personal engagement. The feedback received from delegates was uniformly positive, commending in particular her ability to open up whole new ways of relating to key biblical texts from the twenty-third Psalm to the miracle narratives of the gospels. She handled questions with skill and articulacy and was a thoroughly engaging and informative speaker."

- The Revd Dr. Edmund Newey, Sub Dean, Christ Church, Oxford, UK


"I first met Dr. Parker while on a study program in Israel many years ago, and I was quite amazed indeed at not just her impressive knowledge of the historical and biblical material, but her capacity to put it all into its original if sometimes complicated context, and then further, to intelligently impart her understanding of it to those of a diverse backgrounds.

Both in the context of a classroom and a congregation, I have watched Dr. Parker relate to students of all ages in an inviting and instructive manner that is almost unparalleled in my experience as both a teacher and pastor. She gets genuinely excited at the chance to help others more adequately grasp the historical context of the Old Testament and what that means for current understandings of faith."

- The Revd Dr. Chappell Temple, Executive Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church, Texas


"I was privileged to travel with Cyndi in Israel in 2013 and have since engaged her as a teacher in some of our programs at HoneyRock. She is a creative teacher who uniquely integrates expertise in Biblical literature, ancient culture, and middle east geography in a way that challenges previous understanding, engages heart and mind, and transforms faith. I've seen her impact a group of adults as well as teenagers.  Cyndi is one of my favorite Bible teachers!"

- Dr. Rob Ribbe, Director of HoneyRock, Wheaton College


"In 2011 we brought a group of 43 college students to Israel/Palestine for four weeks. We could not have been more impressed with Dr. Parker. She made the material and land come alive for us. Her insights helped our students and leaders see scripture in new ways. She also brought fresh insights to the issues faced by Palestinians and Israeli’s alike as we wrestled with dueling narratives of history of the past 70 years or more. For her ability to organize trips, bring her considerable experience and research to bear, her winsome personality and ability to connect to young and old alike, I could not recommend her more highly."

- Dr. Ken Kihlstrom, Professor, Westmont College


"Over a lifetime, I can remember a handful of teachers that have impacted me in such way that there was a noticeable shift forward in my understanding and passion for the Lord's story. Dr. Parker is one of those few! The first time I meet Cyndi, we were gathered around a table with maps and books covering the entire surface. Time, chores and everyday life quickly receded as she talked about the story of the place and people of Israel. As she taught, words became mental pictures coming alive with a vibrancy that colored the stories, places and people of the Bible. I learned more in those few hours sitting under her teaching than in countless other settings. Whether speaking in a large group or with just a few, Cyndi has a rare gift to seamlessly blend academic knowledge within the context of place with brilliant storytelling, leaving me with a passion to know more."

- Natalie McGehee, Bayou City Fellowship Church

“My wife and I went on Cyndi’s Food and Wine tour of Israel in 2018. It was a fantastic, trip of a lifetime. Cyndi emphasizes the basics of the geography and water source as she unfolds and brings to life biblical accounts. There are no touristy gimmicks in this trip. It is an honest and truthful look at Israel with a direct tie to scripture and history. The trip is a brilliant combination of seeing, learning, experiencing and relaxing. There are times of joy and laughter and times of being completely overwhelmed as you ponder God’s power and grace, standing in the very place it was exhibited.”

- Doug McGehee, Special Projects Advisor, ExonMobile