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Philadelphia, PA

Cyndi Parker is a self-described global nomad fascinated with the human need to be rooted in a narrative and in a social and physical place. Cyndi teaches in churches around the world, writes curriculum about engaging place, and creates and leads educational tours to Israel. 


Food and Wine

In-depth cultural discoveries, exclusive foodie experiences, and expert historical and biblical teaching are hallmarks of this unique experience in Israel.

Food and wine trip 2020 is now open for registration:

May 5–16, 2020 Registration by January 5, 2020 (limited to 14 people). This trip will take you through every major geographical area. We will study place, context, and Bible in the mornings with cultural experiences in the afternoons. The trip includes stoping at 5 wineries, 1 microbrewery, 3 female-led entrepreneurial endeavors (Bedouin, Israeli, Palestinian), and meals with Bedouin, Druze, Arab, and Israeli families. Click here for a general overview and here to register.

Why Food and wine?

Cyndi comes from a foodie family and cannot help but explore every city for the best food experiences it offers. Before pursuing post-graduate work in Biblical Studies, Cyndi worked in a California winery, two Chicago restaurants, a boutique wine and cheese store, and several coffee shops. While living in Israel, Cyndi developed local connections and tasted her way through the country. This exciting trip allows her to share both her biblical knowledge and her passion for food with you.

Together we will taste the produce of the land, smell the spices, hike on rocky trails, and examine the context of biblical history in the process of creating our own impressions of the land. This trip is designed to allow us to pause and take time to ask locals how their culinary traditions connect them to each other and to the land. We will share meals with Bedouin, Druze, Palestinian, and Israeli communities as we explore the deep history of this unique place.

We will travel through the western lowlands, the biblical Negev, the Dead Sea, Galilee, Golan Heights, the Mediterranean coastland, Judean Hills, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. The costs for the trip includes accommodation at boutique hotels, visits to four wineries, two food markets, one chocolate shop, and all meals (including four sit down dinners at unique local restaurants, one dinner with a local shopkeeper inside Jerusalem's Old City, and a traditional Bedouin meal). The size of the group and the time of year will have a significant impact on the costs.

What are people saying?

My wife and I went on Cyndi’s Food and Wine tour of Israel in 2018. It was a fantastic, trip of a lifetime. Cyndi emphasizes the basics of the geography and water source as she unfolds and brings to life biblical accounts. There are no touristy gimmicks in this trip. It is an honest and truthful look at Israel with a direct tie to scripture and history. The trip is a brilliant combination of seeing, learning, experiencing and relaxing. There are times of joy and laughter and times of being completely overwhelmed as you ponder God’s power and grace, standing in the very place it was exhibited.
— Doug McGehee, Special Projects Advisor, ExonMobile
We heartily encourage anyone (and everyone) to take a tour with Cyndi Parker. To take a walk with Cyndi through the land of the Bible challenges you to experience your surroundings with all of your senses. You can tell that she loves history and the land on which it was staged. Her sense of place is tangible and she literally brings it to life with her creative energy. Come prepared to learn, to experience, and to be refreshed!
— Jon Reichard, CEO, A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.