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Duluth, MN

Cyndi Parker is a self-described global nomad fascinated with the human need to be rooted in a narrative and in a social and physical place. Cyndi teaches in churches around the world, writes curriculum about engaging place, and creates and leads educational tours to Israel. 



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Dr. Cyndi Parker speaks on subjects including the following:

  • Experiencing the Land of the Bible Before Getting on a Plane
  • Understanding the Biblical View of Place
  • Historical Geography of the Land of the Bible
  • God's Big Story: Understanding the grand narrative of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • An Introduction to Deuteronomy
  • The Blank Page: The Historical and Cultural Shift Between the Old and New Testaments
  • The Cultural, Political, Religious, and Geographical context of the Gospels
  • The Christmas Narrative
  • The Historical and Cultural Context of the Book of Ruth

The sessions titled "The Land of the Bible" were a part of a weekly seminar in 2012 at Cambray Baptist Church in Cheltenham, UK. They are partnered with a series of "homework" assignments that require markings on a map. For these materials, please send a request using the Contact link below.  

The following seminar was presented in 2012 at conference at Cambray Baptist Church in Cheltenham, UK.

The following two sessions were presented in 2009 at the annual Bible seminar at Lakewood United Methodist Church in Houston, TX.

And a fun podcast hosted by a former student. We talk about the significance of the geography of the Bible.